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Wednesday, 28 January 2009

What Are the Best Skin Care Products?

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Some are effective and some are not which is why many people ask the question, which is the best skin care product?

The real question we need to ask is, what is the best skin care product for me? We all have different skin types and different skin problems. So we need to find the right product that will work best for us. This will require a lot of effort on our part.

Before you can find the right product for you, you have to understand exactly how skin care products work. Skin care products are composed of two types of ingredients: active and inactive. The active ingredients will work on your skin while the inactive ingredients will be the one helping the active ingredients work on your skin. Both ingredients are needed for a product to be effective.

The way you apply skin care products is just as important. If you don't know how to correctly apply skin care products then you will be searching for the right product for you forever. How many times you apply also counts. Environmental factors such as the temperature, pollution level and humidity can determine which skin care product is right for you.

Here are a few things to do to ensure that a skin care product is right for you:

-Thoroughly wash your skin before applying the product.

-If you wear makeup, use a makeup remover instead of water to remove makeup from your face before you apply the product

-Active ingredients in a product aren't as effective if you use it over another product. So first apply the skin care product and then your moisturizer.

-Always apply the products you use over moist skin.

You will have to be open to trying different products.

Change up your skin care routine up as the season changes.

Keep in mind finding the best skin care product for you will not happen overnight, it will take some time. You have to be willing to experiment different products. Its only through experiment that you can find a skin care product that you will call your favorite!

By: John O'Riley

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