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Wednesday, 15 October 2008

How to Overcome Face Blemishes With Murad Products

Murad Skin Care

Murad skin care products aim at finding the perfect skin care regimen for the customers to repair the damage brought on by ageing and polluted environment. Murad skin care approaches skin dermatology from a health and wellness perspective. Reflecting the visions of Dr. Howard Murad, an authority on dermatology, Murad products are known to strive continuously towards perfecting and improving the existing range of skin and beauty care routines. The organization goes by the philosophy that research is an evolutionary process and one should always ready to adapt to changes that are inevitable.

The natural vitality of youth is bound to ebb with the advancing years and though the effect does vary from person to person, people generally start to notice and take care post thirty. The most common signs of aging are fine lines, wrinkles, crow's feet, skin blotchiness, pigmentation and general loss of radiation. Acne of course is not an adolescent problem as commonly believed but most adult people are susceptible to it also. After identifying the skin type and the specific problems the Murad skin care regimen works in five steps to redress it and rejuvenate the youthfulness and the difference is known to be actually discernible.

The routine starts by cleansing the impurities from the skin so that the nourishing creams and moisturizers can have optimum effect. The cleansing process is completed with soothing and balancing the pH level of the skin through Murad toners. The treatment proper begins in the third step when specific problems are attended to by the Murad treatment and the skin starts showing marked improvement in texture and feel. But no skin care routine is complete without essential moisturizing and the Murad range of moisturizers is formulated to restore the softness and the glow for individual skin types. The final step in the routine is to protect the skin from environment pollution and the vagaries of the sun. When the Murad products are used together and in a diligent routine the outcome is quite satisfying.

The success of Murad products in skin care may be credited to a judicious combination of the active ingredients- Alpha and Beta Hydroxy Acids, antioxidant like Vitamin A,C, and E, anti-irritants, liposome, ceramides, and many more. The popularity of supplements for skin health and wellness are a sign of an evolving concept in dermatology. Murad's product offerings include several supplements that are aimed at various skin and health issues including hormonal aging. Therefore the range of cleansers, toners, moisturizers, sunblocks, eye creams and regular face creams are formulated with every skin type in mind- from normal to oily or dry or combination skins. Sensitive skin types have a unique treatment in Murad products and useful remedies are present for every kind of problem or skin damage. Murad products are known for treating every specific skin concern with great precision. It's a kind of insurance for skin. Murad has a diverse product offering that consists of thoughtfully packaged and sensitively formulated products

By: Christopher Schwebius

Tips For Healthy Skin

Murad Skin Care

Healthy and glowing skin is definitely the dream of every person. Everyone is not lucky enough to have a clear and beautiful skin as a hereditary trait but yes proper skin care and maintenance can lead to a fresh and shining skin. There is a proper skin care schedule and certain things to be taken care of that will lead to a healthy and supple skin.

The very first thing to be taken care of is maintaining good food eating habits. Today with the fast increase in the usage of fast food and irregular eating habits aging skin problem has become very common. The diet we take should be a balanced one with rich intake of fruits and vegetables having vitamins A, C, E, B, and K. One should drink lots of water.

Along with the diet a daily skin care schedule should be followed. This would include skin cleansing to clean and rejuvenate the skin. It can be done by the use of cleansers available selecting by ones skin type. Our skin with time accumulates dead cells which should be removed from time to time to make the skin breathe freely. It can be done by the process of exfoliation or scrubbing. Then according to the skin type it can be oily, dry or normal massage the skin with cream that suits ones skin type. The prevention from sun can be done by using good sunscreen lotions available in the market. Then one should avoid use of drugs and smoking for skin health. All these if put in daily practice will certainly lead to a glowing beautiful skin.

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By: Ashish Kumar Vardhan

Monday, 13 October 2008

A Review Of Dr Murad Skin Care

Murad Skin Care

Everyone is under stress these days. We all have too much to do and not enough time to do it. So – what does Dr. Murad say about the stress we are all under and how it relates to skincare?

Stress affects our skin in multiple negatives ways: Increased rosacea, acne and facial hair. Rosacea is a condition that is extremely common. The tell-tale signs are the red splotches on the face and the acne-like condition of the skin. Other symptoms include tiny lines of visible veins and red, watery eyes. The medical community does not have a known cause and is not considered a severe medical condition like heart disease or diabetes. However, the condition can be extremely damaging to one’s self-esteem and emotional health. Acne can occur in two forms: Non-inflammatory in the form of a whitehead or blackhead and Inflammatory, which is where the skin actually erupts and is known as a “zit” or “pimple”. Facial Hair, though OK for men, is an irritant to women! Although it has been widely known that hormonal changes in women can cause facial hair to grow, Dr. Murad remains firm in his conviction that stress does as well.

Dr. Murad has three ways to treat skin issues related to cultural stress:

- Topical treatments. These are the lotions and skin creams that combat the symptoms of rosacea, acne or facial hair. Dr. Murad has a multitude of products for every skin type and issue area.

- Internal Care. This is basically good old-fashioned taking care of one’s body. This includes a healthy diet, full of fruits and vegetables, as well as dietary supplements to ensure that one gets all the nutrients he needs in one day. And – of course – drink plenty of water!

- Emotional Care. We all need to lean on someone and feel fulfilled. Dr. Murad heartily espouses that we need to take care of not only our body, but our emotions. One can do this through hobbies or with good friendships and laughter.

The good doctor is a board certified dermatologist in California and not only has built a thriving practice, but also holds multiple patents, has created several lines of skin care and is an author. The philosophy of Dr. Murad is important. He does not only say his products can help our skin, but his philosophy helps us build a healthy life from a holistic perspective.

It has been said that “beauty is only skin deep.” Dr. Murad believes in good skin care, but also believes there are limits to the dermis layer! He goes beyond the dermis layer to look at the person as a whole. Isn’t this what a good practitioner does?

BY: Jim King

Are Dr Murad Skin Products Effective For Treating Acne?

Murad Skin Care

The acne problem

Millions of people suffer from acne. Although most commonly associated with teenagers, this issue actually affects those from the age of ten up through the seventies and eighties. Most acne does occur in those between the ages of 10 to 30. Although the exact cause of acne is unknown, most scientists believe that the increase in male hormones and genetics both play a part.

Where does acne occur?

Acne is most visible in the facial area. This is because this area is almost always exposed to others. However, acne can occur on the neck, buttocks, shoulders, back and chest. Because these other areas are usually covered, it's not as noticeable as acne on the face.

What is Acne?

Acne is a hair follicle that gets blocked and where bacteria start to flourish. It truly is that simple. Acne, contrary to popular belief is not caused by chocolate, greasy foods or unclean skin.

How to treat

Dr. Murad believes that acne, although not controllable, can be managed and your skin can look out-break free and smooth. Dr. Murad has created a specialized treatment that includes multiple products, which can be purchased individually.

What are some of the products?

• The cleanser works on eradicating the bacteria within the skin. It uses salicylic acid and tricosan to work against the bacteria causing acne outbreaks. It also includes methanol to cleanse and cool the skin.

• The toner removes impurities from the skin that might cause blockages within the hair follicles. The primary ingredients are witch hazel, algae extract, menthol and oxysomes. The witch hazel tightens pores. The Algae extract keeps skin oil-free. The menthol helps to soothe and cool the skin. The oxysomes are designed to prevent damage to the skin.

• The body wash is designed for use in places other than the visible face. If you have acne outbreaks on your neck, buttocks, shoulders, back or chest, the body wash can help you.

• Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel. This product is designed to deep clean pores.

• The Acne Spot treatment provides direct attention to just that one specific area that is breaking out.

• The Pure Skin Clarifying Supplement helps to prevent outbreaks by using a proprietary blend of Vitamin A, Yellow Dock, Burdock and Zinc.

• The Oil Free Sunblock provides protection from the sun, yet at the same time reduces follicle blockage.

In addition, all of these products can be purchased individually as well as in kits.

BY: Jim King

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