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Monday, 13 October 2008

Are Dr Murad Skin Products Effective For Treating Acne?

Murad Skin Care

The acne problem

Millions of people suffer from acne. Although most commonly associated with teenagers, this issue actually affects those from the age of ten up through the seventies and eighties. Most acne does occur in those between the ages of 10 to 30. Although the exact cause of acne is unknown, most scientists believe that the increase in male hormones and genetics both play a part.

Where does acne occur?

Acne is most visible in the facial area. This is because this area is almost always exposed to others. However, acne can occur on the neck, buttocks, shoulders, back and chest. Because these other areas are usually covered, it's not as noticeable as acne on the face.

What is Acne?

Acne is a hair follicle that gets blocked and where bacteria start to flourish. It truly is that simple. Acne, contrary to popular belief is not caused by chocolate, greasy foods or unclean skin.

How to treat

Dr. Murad believes that acne, although not controllable, can be managed and your skin can look out-break free and smooth. Dr. Murad has created a specialized treatment that includes multiple products, which can be purchased individually.

What are some of the products?

• The cleanser works on eradicating the bacteria within the skin. It uses salicylic acid and tricosan to work against the bacteria causing acne outbreaks. It also includes methanol to cleanse and cool the skin.

• The toner removes impurities from the skin that might cause blockages within the hair follicles. The primary ingredients are witch hazel, algae extract, menthol and oxysomes. The witch hazel tightens pores. The Algae extract keeps skin oil-free. The menthol helps to soothe and cool the skin. The oxysomes are designed to prevent damage to the skin.

• The body wash is designed for use in places other than the visible face. If you have acne outbreaks on your neck, buttocks, shoulders, back or chest, the body wash can help you.

• Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel. This product is designed to deep clean pores.

• The Acne Spot treatment provides direct attention to just that one specific area that is breaking out.

• The Pure Skin Clarifying Supplement helps to prevent outbreaks by using a proprietary blend of Vitamin A, Yellow Dock, Burdock and Zinc.

• The Oil Free Sunblock provides protection from the sun, yet at the same time reduces follicle blockage.

In addition, all of these products can be purchased individually as well as in kits.

BY: Jim King

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